Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth Whitening

Reg $149.99 NOW ONLY $99.99

This is an amazing deal for all smokers, red wine, and coffee drinkers. It will also do wonders for people with aging teeth, post dental braces, or for anyone who wants to have a brighter smile.

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Instant results, quick, easy and no mess.
Skip the big expense and inconvenience from the dentist’s office.
Skip the strips that take days at a time to work, create sensitivity to the gums, damage enamel, and cause chipping and uneven colors on teeth.

In 40 minutes or less, you will see a bright, white, and beautiful smile.


Call the St. Thomas Health Club today. Your smile is worth it!
519-633-8481  or text 519-318-1687  for appointments (about an hour)
Gift Certificates for: Christmas, weddings, graduations, birthdays…