Exercise Therapy

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Exercise Therapy is a comprehensive program designed to get you back in top form again.
Our team of experienced, knowledgeable, and certified health professionals will create a customized program just for you.
You will receive the treatment you require and exercises you need to feel better quickly and help prevent further complications.

Exercise is a critical component of both recovery and pain management.

You will receive a complete plan including stretches, strength training, cardio, and nutrition.

We have a variety of specialty equipment exclusive to the St. Thomas Health Club. Men’s & Ladies Jacuzzis, Pilates Cadillac Reformers, Therabands , TRX , the largest and most complete fitness facility in the Elgin County

Stop living in pain. Let us help.
Hey how about Prevention!

Book a free consultation and start feeling better today!

“Leaders in Preventative and Correctional Therapy.”